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Who is your favorite couple?  Several folks around the studio have said Martina Navratilova, a choice that after reading about the cast, I also like.  Quoting from the official cast bio’s:

“In 2010, Martina was diagnosed with breast cancer. She approached this challenge like her tennis training, subsequently becoming cancer-free and a champion for breast cancer awareness. She is currently the Fitness Ambassador for AARP, inspiring its 39 million members to follow her example by redefining what it means to be 50+.”

I agree with this thought that dancing should be part of what it means to be 50 plus.  Here is a link to the cast bio’s, and remember that the pro’s bios are also posted.


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  1. Tom McGuinness
    March 22, 2012 at 10:50 am

    I think Ballroom Magic Studio is the best and “funnest’ place I know to learn ballroom dancing and stay proficient. Instructors, Katie and Russ are easy to learn from and always accommodating to our needs. Katie adds her Hungarian charm and great food to the Friday night dance parties and Russ, great music. And the price of $15. is one of the best bargains I’ve ever seen. It’s worth a lot more. Tom McGuinness

  2. March 25, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    Does anyone wonder who chooses the music for the performances? Some of the music is quite dancable and to my thought the dancers at their best become a reflection of the music, so a poor choice can be quite limiting.

    I was happy to see this season that at least for the first time out, the choices for the dances were reasonable: Foxtrot and Cha Cha. Starting someone out on Paso Doble, or Viennese Waltz, let’s say is adding a layer of difficulty to an already difficult performance task. Maybe that’s why Len and the rest of the judges said this was the best premier ever on DWTS?

    I’ve noticed that many of the performances are what I’ll call stylized dances that are done in the style of the particular dance but not actually being the dance itself. In the season 14 premier, there were a number of routines that were true to the form of the actual dances. As to the performances and the dancing, Katy and I both agree on the best which are as follows:

    For the cha cha routines, we liked Gladys Knight the best by far, her musical choice (“Best of My Love”) actually had a cha cha rythm, and her movement was quite musical and fluid, not to mention that it was a cha cha. Our second rankings would be with William Levy and Melissa Gilbert, who both danced true to style and had decent musical choices.

    For the Foxtrot, we are tied for first choice between Kathryn Jenkins and Jalil White, for their holding true to the Foxtrot style and musical choices.

    And what of Martina Navratilova who we mentioned before the premier? We thought that she was not that bad as a dancer for the first time out, but the choice of choreography did not play into her advantage. By the way who does the choreography?

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